Slew of plans for passengers ease at Sealdah station

first_imgKolkata: Kolkata East-West Metro is giving special emphasis on Sealdah station considering the huge number of passengers converging at one place.A separate underpass will be constructed to connect Sealdah railway station and Sealdah metro station. The Sealdah station observes nearly 12 lakh footfall on a normal day. However, during Durga puja the rush of passengers goes up to 15 lakhs. Every year, the Eastern Railway runs Durga Puja special trains to cater the rush of passengers. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaAs per plans, Sealdah metro station will also have three platforms in a bid to give avoid harassment of passengers during technical snag. It will also have 18 escalators and five lifts. While, the Kolkata Metro East-West corridor is 16.6 km long stretching from Salt Lake Sector V and Howrah Maidan, the prime attraction is the underwater tunnel that will go beneath the Hooghly river. According to sources, the East-West Metro corridor is expected to make its commercial run from Sector V metro station to the Salt Lake Stadium metro station soon. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highway The rail tracks have already been laid. “The project is being implemented by Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. We have conducted the trial run from Sector V metro station to the Salt Lake Stadium metro station, It will be thrown open to the common public soon,” said an official. It might be mentioned that six stations in the route that include Sector V, Karunamoyee, Central Park, City Centre, Bengal Chemical and Salt Lake Stadium. East-West Metro corridor will connect two iconic Indian Railways stations – Howrah Junction railway station (HWH) and Sealdah railway station (SDAH). Trains moving between Howrah metro station and Mahakaran (iconic Writers’ Building) metro station pass through underwater river tunnel.last_img read more

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What will it take to get literacy levels to go up in

first_imgCharlotte Morritt-JacobsAPTN NewsSchools in the Northwest Territories are governed by a southern curriculum.And all too often, students there are graded through Alberta achievement tests.But one school in the Tlicho region says students and schools face unique challenges unknown to provincial

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Morocco A Breeding Ground for Spains Jihadi Terrorists

Rabat- According to a recent study released by the Madrid-based think tank, Elcano Royal Institute, nearly half of the jihadists arrested or killed in Spain in the past five years were Moroccan-born or of Moroccan descent. The think tank, which analyses world events and trends from a Spanish, European, and global perspective, explored the prevalence of Moroccans suspected of engaging in Islamist terrorism activities in Spain between 2013 and 2017 in a study entitled “Moroccans and second generations among the jihadists in Spain.” Elcano’s 2013-2017 database on jihadists in Spain reveals that approximately 46 percent of the 233 people arrested or killed for alleged involvement in terrorism related activities in Spain are Moroccan nationals. Those of Spanish nationality represent nearly 37.9 percent, while the rest are made up of 19 other nationalities. The figures also show that six out of ten people in this study are second generation descendants of Moroccan immigrants, who were radicalized and recruited in the Iberian country by various Islamist cells or networks. According to the report’s authors, Fernando Reinares and Carola Garcia-Calvo, the majority of those detained for suspected terrorism offences came from provinces and cities located in the northern Rif region of Morocco, and they blame the spread of jihadism on the Rif’s economic woes and substandard social conditions. The study further notes that Spain’s north African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla are the biggest hub of jihadist activity on Spanish territory. The cities are the birthplace of almost 73 percent of all detainees who were convicted of jihadist terrorism or who died in suicide attacks in Spain in the time period studied. Further, the authors postulate that jihadists’ involvement in terrorist activities comes in response to spatial segregation and social marginality as well as, unemployment, illiteracy, delinquency, and the lack of urbanization, which denotes an effective absence of state authority in both cities. In mainland Spain, Catalonia, especially Barcelona, was also recognized as a jihadi hotspot. Of all foreign jihadists arrested across Spain, 14.3 percent were detained within this metropolitan area. The Spanish think thank recognizes that Catalonia is increasingly known as a centre of extremism, with nearly one third of ISIS-linked arrests in Spain made there. Furthermore, Spanish authorities identified the region as a “major Mediterranean centre of radical Islamist activity” and a “magnet for terrorist recruiters,” such as al Qaeda and Ansar al-Islam. The study notes that four out of 10 jihadists sentenced or killed in Spain in the selected time period had resided in Catalonia. Extremism thwarted in the homelandAlthough a large majority of the jihadists in Spain are currently Moroccans or second generation descendants of Moroccan immigrants, the authors indicate that it is easier for someone of Moroccan origin to engage in terrorist activities if he/she resides in Spain than in Morocco, due to Morocco’s relative success in containing its own domestic jihadism threat.In the aftermath of the 2003 suicide bombings that occurred in multiple locations in Casablanca, Morocco has devoted considerable resources to preventing t violent Islamism at home by implementing a mixture of tight security measures, in-depth intelligence gathering, and religious reforms.Morocco strengthened security at borders and implemented anti-terrorism laws, imposing heavy jail terms (up to 20 years) and fines on people returning from the Islamic State battlefields in Syria and Iraq. Morocco’s counter-terrorism strategy may make it difficult for jihadi groups to operate in the country. Issandr el-Amrani, North Africa director at the International Crisis Group, told the Financial Times last year that “Morocco has been very successful at driving deep underground any major al Qaeda or ISIS group.”“There hasn’t been a single successful attack since the formation of ISIS [in 2014]. Moroccan jihadis have largely gone to fight abroad, rather than stay at home because the security lockdown is too pervasive,” el-Amrani said. However, the prevalence of Moroccan expats among the perpetrators of high-profile attacks sparked concerns in recent years that the country is becoming a breeding ground for jihadists. Elcano claims this “implies that an existing problem in Morocco is projected on our country [Spain],” recalling that eleven of the twelve suspected accomplices in the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks which killed fifteen people on August 17, 2017, were Moroccan-born or of Moroccan descent, and the twelfth was  from the Spanish enclave of Melilla, according to Spanish authorities. Abdelhak Khiame, head of Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations, believes the reasons for radicalization are far from being related to the jihadis’ birthplace but rather to the environment in which they were raised. Khiame told the BBC two years ago that the radicalisation of Moroccan youths in Europe was “due to factors in the countries where they live.”“Yes, these people have Moroccan roots but they were born, grew and acquired values from Western countries,” he said. “Even their education in Islam was not carried out by those who [teach religion] in Morocco.” read more

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No risk of getting influenza AH1N1 virus through food says UN health

3 May 2009There is no reason to be afraid of consuming pork or to cull any pigs, the United Nations health agency once again stressed today, despite the detection of the influenza A(H1N1) virus in a swine herd in Canada. “This is not a food-borne disease,” Dr. Peter Ben Embarek, Food Safety Scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO), emphasized at a news conference in Geneva. “You don’t get this disease through eating pork and, therefore, there is no reason to be afraid of consuming pork or pork products,” he added. “From all the studies that have been done with influenza viruses – whether it’s avian influenza viruses, human viruses or swine viruses – they all seem to have more or less the same characteristics in terms of their heat resistance. As soon as you cook a product that may contain these viruses, they will get inactivated. “So consuming fully-cooked or well-cooked products, whether we’re talking about this virus in pork or avian influenza virus in chickens, there is no risk of getting infected that way,” Dr. Embarek stated. WHO announced today that Canada reported on 2 May the identification of the A(H1N1) virus in a swine herd in Alberta. “It is highly probable that the pigs were exposed to the virus from a Canadian farm worker recently returned from Mexico, who had exhibited flu-like symptoms and had contact with the pigs,” the agency noted. “There is no indication of virus adaptation through transfer from human to pigs at this time.”Dr. Embarek stated that there is at present no recommendation to cull any pigs anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, 18 countries have officially reported 898 human cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection, according to WHO’s latest update.Mexico has reported 506 confirmed human cases of infection, including 19 deaths. WHO reiterated that the higher number of cases from that country in the past 48 hours reflects ongoing testing of previously collected specimens. Meanwhile, the United States Government has reported 226 laboratory confirmed human cases, including one death.In addition, the following countries have reported laboratory confirmed cases with no deaths: Austria (1), Canada (85), China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1), Costa Rica (1), Denmark (1), France (2), Germany (8), Ireland (1), Israel (3), Italy (1), Netherlands (1), New Zealand (4), Republic of Korea (1), Spain (40), Switzerland (1) and the United Kingdom (15). WHO spokesperson Gregory Härtl told reporters that the agency’s pandemic alert still remains at Phase 5 – on a six-level warning scale – meaning that sustained human to human transmission had been confirmed, with widespread community outbreaks in at least two countries in one WHO region.He said it was not possible to say when the alert level might be increased to Phase 6. “That is not very easy to predict because transmission of influenza virus or of any virus for that matter does not necessarily always move at the same speed. There could be a hiatus in its spread? especially we have not seen any confirmed instances of sustained human transmission in communities outside of the Americas. “We don’t know when that will happen. Certainly we remain on alert in case that happens. But it would not be prudent to make a prediction in that regard,” he stated. read more

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Lender risk sharing could exacerbate a housing downturn fed draft report says

TORONTO — A federal proposal to have lenders shoulder more of the risk for potential mortgage defaults could dampen lending or intensify a decline in house prices, according to internal documents from the Department of Finance.Proponents of lender risk sharing say it would encourage banks to be more cautious when lending to high-risk borrowers, thereby mitigating the impact of a correction in property prices.But a draft report, obtained by The Canadian Press through an access-to-information request, says exposing financial institutions to a portion of mortgage default losses — through a deductible, for example — could actually make the housing market less stable in the event of a downturn.That’s because lender risk sharing could exacerbate the downside of the lending cycle, during which banks typically become hesitant to hand out loans, the report says.The Department of Finance has been exploring so-called lender risk sharing since before the election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government in 2015. The draft report was prepared within the first several months of Trudeau’s cabinet being sworn in.Evan Siddall, CEO of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., says the federal government is in the process of reviewing submissions it received during consultations on lender risk sharing.“Those are being reviewed, and they are now looking for additional information from lenders, quantitative information from lenders, to further analyze the idea,” Siddall said following a speech he delivered in Toronto last month.“We won’t have that data until later this year at the earliest.”Rapidly escalating house prices in the Toronto and Vancouver areas have caused some Canadians to take on record amounts of debt relative to their incomes, sparking concerns about growing risk in the real estate market.The International Monetary Fund and the OECD have called on Ottawa to minimize the potential costs to taxpayers in the event of a housing market crash.Currently, homebuyers with less than a 20 per cent down payment are required to buy mortgage default insurance from CMHC or one of two private mortgage insurers. The insurance covers the banks in the event of a default by the borrower.Claims are generally covered by the premiums paid by policyholders. But because mortgage default insurance is ultimately backstopped by Ottawa, that means that in the event of a severe housing market crash, taxpayers could be left holding the bill.The Department of Finance says it will provide updates on developments as appropriate.“The government recognizes that lender risk sharing would represent a meaningful change to the mortgage insurance framework, and the importance of fully understanding the potential issues and impacts that could be associated with it,” a spokeswoman for the department said in an email.“The Department of Finance continues to review and refine input received from stakeholders through the public consultation process.”The proposal has been met with some criticism, notably from the Canadian Bankers Association, which wrote to CMHC in 2014 saying that lender risk sharing could hurt the country’s financial stability.The industry group also made a submission to the government earlier this year, arguing that a mortgage insurance deductible would likely increase costs for borrowers and leave smaller, regional lenders at a competitive disadvantage.In a report last week, the C.D. Howe Institute said lender risk sharing is a “blunt and ineffective tool” to address concerns about risky lending. The think-tank said a better way of dealing with excessive lending to high-risk borrowers would be to couple a change in the pricing regime for mortgage insurance with changes to the regulation of the mortgage insurance system.RBC chief financial officer Rod Bolger says the bank has been in consultations with the government on the issue, but chatter about the proposal has died down at industry events as of late.“That doesn’t mean that the teams aren’t working on it. It just means that it might be one of those periods where the work is happening from the consultation,” Bolger said after the bank released its second-quarter results in late May.“The analysis is happening. It doesn’t mean that it’s dead or anything like that.”Follow @alexposadzki on Twitter. read more

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Meeting between Sri Lanka and IMF postponed

A meeting between Sri Lanka and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington has been postponed, Minister of Economic Reform and Public Distribution Dr. Harsha de Silva said.He said that the meeting had been postponed owing to a snow storm in  in Washington. “All meetings at @IMFNews including #SriLanka with MD @Lagarde rescheduled as ‘snow storm’ forces them to close. Having lived in US Midwest previously I am surprised how such little snow can shut the Capital down. Repayment of USD 1 billion ISB MR borrowed due today,” he tweeted. Mangala is in Washington to resume negotiations with the IMF on the Extended Fund Facility.The IMF had in November decided to suspend funding for Sri Lanka as a result of the political crisis. (Colombo Gazette) A Sri Lankan delegation led by Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera is in the US for talks with the IMF. read more

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Dorel to cut 50 jobs as poor weather expected to hurt bike

MONTREAL – Dorel Industries Inc. is cutting 50 jobs as it trims costs to address the results of poor weather that has hurt bicycle sales and earnings.The Montreal-based manufacturer said only “a handful” of the affected positions are in Canada. The positions being cut account for about five per cent of the recreation and leisure segment’s global workforce of 975.Dorel (TSX:DII.B) said it expects to record a US$2-million severance charge in the second quarter.Continued poor weather in the U.S., Canada and Europe has hurt bike sales, particularly among independent dealers that sell higher-priced products.It has also prompted competitors to offer discounts, making the situation worse.Dorel had expected to make up lost sales but the protracted bad weather means that 2013 bike earnings won’t exceed last year’s levels.“These issues in bicycles are mainly related to matters beyond our control,” CEO Martin Schwartz said. “Our bicycle products are proven and our brands remain very strong.”“With the cost reductions being implemented, we are optimistic that bicycle earnings in the second half will increase double digit over last year,” Schwartz added.Dorel said its juvenile and home furnishings segments are not affected by the weather concerns.The company will announce its second-quarter results on Aug. 9. It has US$2.5 billion in annual sales and employs 5,400 people in 24 countries.On the Toronto Stock Exchange, Dorel’s shares slumped 8.7 per cent, or $3.37, to $35.40 on Thursday. by The Canadian Press Posted Jun 13, 2013 4:54 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Dorel to cut 50 jobs as poor weather expected to hurt bike segment results read more

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MLB online chief optimistic on relaxing blackouts on hometown teams possibly by

MLB online chief optimistic on relaxing blackouts on hometown teams, possibly by next season by Anick Jesdanun, The Associated Press Posted Aug 20, 2014 12:46 pm MDT NEW YORK, N.Y. – An easing of blackout restrictions on Major League Baseball games online could come as early as next season, according to the head of baseball’s online business.In an interview this week, Bob Bowman said he is optimistic that a deal could be reached soon with various cable operators, channels and ballclubs. The catch is that even with an MLB.TV subscription, which starts at $20 a month, fans will also need a cable or satellite TV subscription to view hometown teams at home.“Everyone’s trying to solve it,” Bowman said. “If our hands were 4 feet apart three or four years ago, they are now 6 inches apart,” Bowman said. “We’re moving in the right way. We continue to talk. The dialogue is professional.”Currently, games involving hometown teams are blocked online, regardless of where they are played. That’s because television channels pay millions of dollars for rights and don’t want to lose audiences to online and mobile services such as MLB.TV. So Rockies fans can’t watch online in Denver, but they can when they travel to Boston or San Francisco. The blackouts have been one of the most criticized aspects of MLB.TV, which streamed its first game live 12 years ago next Tuesday.The blackouts even extend to some games that are televised regionally or nationally.But this year, MLB.TV streamed the All-Star Game live for the first time. The game was broadcast on Fox television, and online viewers had to prove they had a cable or satellite TV package that includes Fox. It’s similar to how the Olympics and World Cup games were made available online.Baseball has similar plans for the playoffs and the World Series, which will be split on television between Fox, ESPN and Turner. Viewers will need to have ESPN on TV to watch ESPN games online and can’t watch Turner games if they don’t also get Turner channels. Cable and satellite packages typically include all three, though. To make it easier for viewers, baseball plans to come up with a way for users to sign in to all three at once.In the past, MLB.TV had a post-season package that offered alternate camera angles but not the main coverage. Bowman said MLB.TV will likely offer that again this year for those who don’t have the necessary television channels.Many details are still unknown about streaming of regular season games. Should that happen, it’s likely that a pay-TV package will still be needed for games that you can pick up for free with a TV antenna in local markets. It’s not yet known whether streaming would be through MLB.TV or through the channel that has television rights. Bowman said those details are part of the “6 inches” still to be narrowed in talks.Bowman said it’s also possible that only some pay-TV providers and channels will agree, in which case only some games would be available without blackouts.He said parties still need to work out “the look and the feel of it, the marketing of it, the branding of it, economics.”“If they were easy to resolve, then somebody would have done it, and if it didn’t matter, then it would have been resolved,” Bowman said. “In the end, we all want the same thing regardless of which side of the table you’re on. We all want somebody to be able to turn on a laptop or turn on a phone and see a live game in-market.” AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

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Rights abuses in DPR Korea may amount to crimes against humanity –

Many of the systematic patterns of human rights violations documented in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) may constitute crimes against humanity, an independent United Nations expert said today.In his statement to the Human Rights Council, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the DPRK, Marzuki Darusman, said his latest report identified nine patterns of violation in the country, some of which amount to crimes against humanity.The nine patterns are: violation of the right to food; torture; arbitrary detention; violations of human rights associated with prison camps; discrimination; extensive violation of freedom of expression; violation of the right to life; restrictions on freedom of movement; and enforced disappearances.“I believe that many, if not all, of the nine patterns of violation, identified in my present report, may amount to crimes against humanity, committed as part of systematic and/or widespread attacks against civilian population,” Mr. Darusman told the Council.His latest report to the Council provides a comprehensive overview of the human rights situation in the country since the inception of his mandate in 2004. The Special Rapporteur said that while compiling the information for the report had not been easy due to the absence of independent monitors and media and the lack of cooperation of the Government, he stressed that the findings are credible and consistent, and highlight the need to set up a more detailed mechanism of inquiry.“The international community, through the United Nations, has the responsibility to launch an independent and impartial inquiry into a situation, where there are grounds to believe that crimes against humanity are being committed and the country concerned fails to carry out effective independent and impartial inquiries itself,” he said. “While usually not sufficient in and by itself to end crimes against humanity, increased scrutiny by international inquiry affords a measure of protection, especially when coupled with the prospect of future criminal investigations and the deterrent effect such a prospect may have on individual perpetrators.”Mr. Darusman added that the inquiry should examine the issues of institutional and personal accountability for such violations, and make appropriate recommendations to the authorities of DPRK and the international community for further action. read more

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President says not aware permission was needed to repaint State House

President David Granger earlier today (Wednesday) stated clearly that he is not aware that permission needs to be sought from the National Trust for Government to repaint monumental buildings around Georgetown and as such, maintained that he has not broken any law.State House being repaintedJust last week, the APNU/AFC Administration came in for heavy criticisms after it bypassed the National Trust and began changing the colour of State House from white to green – the dominant colour of the People’s National Congress and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), both of which the president is leader.In response to a question from a member of the media, Granger, today, said he is concerned about “preserving heritage” which is why a decision was taken to have several significant structures in the city repaired and repainted.“I am not aware that repair, there is lots of rot and some of the windows have fallen out and the decision was taken to repair the rotting board and repaint it… We have historical buildings all across the country [and] some of them are collapsing. I weep when I see the condition of the city, St George’s Cathedral, and I am very concerned about preserving heritage; that is why I am repairing State House,” he told media operatives during a side interview.On Friday last, when asked whether State House was going green, Granger stated “Guyana is going green” as he walked away from media operatives, chuckling.Since the APNU/AFC coalition came into Government, it has been actively repainting several public buildings using the colour green.The National Trust of Guyana was established following the passage of the National Trust Act, No 7 of 1972. The Act “makes provision for the preservation of monuments, sites, places and objects of historic interest or national importance”.According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Trust, Nirvanie Persaud, while repair works are welcomed, major construction and repainting must be communicated to the entity, in accordance with the law.As such, she told media operatives that a letter was penned to the Ministry of the Presidency (MotP) seeking an explanation as to the reason for the colour change at State House.However, today, Granger told media operatives that he has not seen such a letter.“I have not received a letter from the National Trust.  I am not aware a law has been broken, I am not aware,” he maintained. (Ramona Luthi) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPresident yet to engage AFC on LGE even though APNU consultations have startedApril 11, 2018In “latest news”No ‘compulsion’ for the Cummingsburg Accord to be reviewed- PresidentFebruary 14, 2018In “latest news”Red House debacle: Injustice of an oppressive Govt will be recognised- JagdeoDecember 30, 2016In “latest news” read more

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Design refinements fit Cat 993K wheel loader for worldwide service and enhance

first_imgRecent design refinements for Cat’s 993K wheel loader are aimed at better serving mining and quarry customers worldwide by further enhancing the 993K’s ability to deliver reliable, low-cost production with durability and safety. Now available with either a Tier 4 Final or Tier 2 Equivalent Cat® C32 engine, the 993K incorporates new engine control and powertrain features that boost performance and reduce fuel consumption, while the new Cycle Timer feature adds efficiency to loading operations.The now standard Deluxe Service Center greatly simplifies routine service, and operator convenience and safety features include new controls and an available powered access system.The updated 993K fuel consumption is reduced as much as 10%, achieved by lowering rated speed and equipping the machine with Auto Idle Kickdown (reduces throttle-lock speed after a set idling interval) and Engine Idle Shutdown (shuts down the engine after extended periods of idling). A new battery management system shuts down electrical power after the latter system activates. Complementing these features is the Delayed Engine Shutdown system, which allows the engine to idle after key-off to cool the turbocharger for extended life.A new torque converter is matched to work precisely with the reduced engine speed, maintaining rimpull and hydraulic performance, while gaining further fuel savings. In addition, the Powertrain Torque Strategy system ensures optimum converter output at reduced speeds. The system also reduces engine speed for directional shifts made at high ground speeds.The 993K Vital Information System (VIMS 3G)-which allows real-time assessment of machine performance and includes an advanced Payload Control System that enables on-the-go weighing and payload recordkeeping-now includes a Cycle Timer feature that tracks and stores all aspects of the truck loading cycle in an eight-segment format. Cycle Timer promotes efficient operation by providing detailed information (such as average cycle time, wait time, fuel consumed, and tons produced per unit of fuel) that can be used in management reports.The 993K Deluxe Service Center uses touch-pad switches and indicator lights to allow checking all fluid levels, as well as allowing the draining and filling of fluid compartments from ground level. The new system also permits the technician to check operating parameters via the VIMS messenger screen.Filtration for transmission and hydraulic implement oil has been enhanced for an even higher level of fluid cleanliness, promoting longer component life, and full-flow, in-tank screens are added to return lines. Rerouting of hydraulic hoses contributes to easier component service.In-cab sound levels for the 993K have been reduced from 72 to 70 dB(A), due in part to new cab mounts that also reduce vibration, and an available sound suppression package reduces spectator sound levels to 112 dB(A). Also in the cab, new controls for the HVAC system allow more precise temperature control, and back-lighted switches are more easily identified.For enhanced safety, an available powered access system provides a self-storing set of stairs that can be lowered and raised from ground level or from a location just outside the cab. This system, which interlocks with the neutral safety switch and parking brake, allows three-point contact when accessing the machine. Also available is the Cat Detect System, combining short- and long-range radar coverage with camera coverage to detect obstacles behind the machine.993K SpecificationsNet power                                                            719 kWPayload/Dump Clearance:Std. lift                                                    15.9 t (4,835 mm)High Lift                                                 18.0 t (5,480 mm)last_img read more

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David Nisleit officially appointed as new Chief of Police

first_imgDavid Nisleit officially appointed as new Chief of Police Posted: February 26, 2018 February 26, 2018 Ed Lenderman, 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The San Diego City Council unanimously voted Monday to confirm the appointment of David Nisleit as the next police chief for the San Diego Police Department.He is set to start in the position following the retirement of current Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman on March 1.Mayor Kevin Faulconer tapped the 30-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department to become the city’s next police chief after a national search that began in September. Updated: 11:34 AM Our city will continue to be one of the safest big cities in the nation with Chief David Nisleit leading @SanDiegoPD. Besides being my pick, Nisleit has overwhelming support from community leaders and his peers in law enforcement. Congrats Chief!— Kevin Faulconer (@Kevin_Faulconer) February 27, 2018Assistant Chief David Nisleit, whose father was a longtime San Diego police captain, has risen through the ranks of the department since 1988, including assignments focused on gangs, sex crimes, narcotics and homicide. Nisleit said Thursday that he will focus on solving the department’s chronic shortage of officers and boosting community policing to soften racial tensions.“We cast a wide net and we had some great external candidates wanting to come here, but Chief Nisleit was far and beyond the No. 1 choice,” Faulconer said during a Thursday morning interview. “People have said they want professionalism, they want transparency and they want somebody who knows San Diego, and Chief Nisleit hits all of those marks.”While some lobbied for an external hire to bring new ideas and leadership strategies to the department, Faulconer said promoting Nisleit will mean a smooth transition from retiring Chief Shelley Zimmerman.“He’s going to be able to jump in with both feet, have the respect of the department, the respect of the officers and the respect of the community, which is of first and foremost importance,” the mayor said.Nisleit, 52, said it is a privilege and honor to be chosen by Faulconer as the next chief.He said helping the department fill a rash of 200 officer vacancies will be his top priority, adding that he’d like to see the department become more ethnically diverse.Local leaders praise Faulconer’s choice for police chief“We need the best and the brightest and we want them to be from this community, from all over the community,” he said. “That’s going to be a top priority for me. I really want to do a more diverse recruitment.” Ed Lenderman Congratulations to Asst Chief Nisleit on your confirmation as our next @SanDiegoPD Chief! I look forward to working with you to support and protect our officers and our neighborhoods. cc— Chris Cate (@chrisjcate) February 27, 2018Large pay raises of at least 25 percent given to officers in December will go a long way toward helping solve the problem, Nisleit said.The department is also launching a national recruiting campaign, increasing the size of its police academies and offering signing bonuses to officers from other law enforcement agencies.Nisleit says his goal is to fill the 200 vacancies and bring the department up to full staffing by 2020.He said pay issues created most of the vacancies, but he cited other factors.“It’s a little bit of everything,” he said. “Some of it’s our competitive pay package, which wasn’t there but is there now, and some of it’s the very low unemployment rate. Some of it is a little bit of the negative image of law enforcement right now, but we’re going to change all that.”Nisleit said he also plans to focus on racial profiling in the wake of a San Diego State University study that found blacks and Hispanics get searched more often after getting pulled over by San Diego police.“It comes down to training, it comes down to talking about procedural justice, and it comes down to talking about implicit bias of our officers,” said Nisleit, noting that San Diego officers receive more training in this area than national standards.But he said softening racial tensions, which are most pronounced in communities south of Interstate 8, will also require a different approach from officers.“We are going to work very hard on community relations,” he said. “I’m going to really stress to the officers that it’s about getting out of your car, saying ‘hello.’ The officers need to know they’re part of the community and the community needs to accept the officers are part of the community.” Congratulations to Chief Nisleit and @CityofSanDiego on your unanimous appointment to Chief of Police. I am excited to usher in a new era of effective and transparent community policing.— @barbarabryD1 (@barbarabryd1) February 27, 2018Faulconer agreed.“There is no substitute for face-to-face communication,” he said.Nisleit was among six finalists for the job who answered questions from a panel of community leaders and a separate panel of law enforcement experts last month in sessions closed to the public.The community leaders represented a variety of local organizations, including the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Asian Pacific American Coalition and the Anti-Defamation League.The law enforcement experts, who were joined on their panel by some of Faulconer’s top staffers, included San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore, La Mesa Police Chief Walt Vasquez and Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams.Faulconer has been criticized for a lack of transparency during the selection process, particularly his decision not to reveal the names of most of the interview panelists until after the new chief is selected. The candidates also are not being identified.The mayor’s staff contends revealing the names of panelists before the selection would have made those individuals vulnerable to being lobbied by prospective candidates or special interest groups during the process.Critics counter that revealing the names of panelists would have made the panelists and the mayor listen to public input and be more accountable.The mayor released the names of every member of both panels on Thursday after announcing his selection of Nisleit.San Diego releases names of police chief interview panelistsNisleit lives in the suburban San Diego community of Sabre Springs with his wife of 27 years, Darlene. The couple has three grown children, including a son, Ryan, who recently joined the Police Department as an officer.His hobbies include distance running, cycling and golf. He has run 18 marathons, including Boston, New York and Chicago.Nisleit received a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Redlands.Zimmerman must retire in March because she’s reached the five-year limit on working after joining the city’s deferred retirement option program. She praised Nisleit as a worthy successor on Thursday.“He is an exceptional, proven leader who has given his all to our department and city,” she said.Nisleit, who is not part of the deferred retirement option program, said he plans to serve as chief for five or six years, which he called the typical tenure of a big city police chief.Nisleit’s annual salary is $147,790 and would rise to $205,000 if he is confirmed as chief.That’s nearly $30,000 higher than Zimmerman’s salary of $176,456, because an analysis the city conducted before launching the national search showed the salary for chief needed to be higher to attract top-level candidates.Police chief salaries from around the region: Oceanside, $227,958; Chula Vista, $217,183; El Cajon, $197,392; National City, $197,224; Escondido, $194,978; Coronado, $192,168; and Carlsbad, $189,003. Categories: Local San Diego News Tags: David Nisleit, Kevin Faulconer, Shelley Zimmerman FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

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Herrera Beutler to collect hydropower input

first_imgU.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler will meet with representatives of Southwest Washington businesses and electric utilities on Wednesday morning to talk about how they are affected by hydropower. Those invited to the roundtable discussion, which is closed to the public, include representatives from Clark Public Utilities, WaferTech, SEH America, Great Western Malting and Linde Gas. “If the role of hydro influences a business’s decision on where to locate and whether to expand, I’d like to hear about it,” Herrera Beutler said Tuesday in a statement about the roundtable. “As Congress works on our nation’s energy policy, it’s important for me to know how hydropower impacts families and businesses in Southwest Washington.” Last week, Herrera Beutler introduced a nonbinding resolution asking House members to recognize hydroelectricity as “the most abundant source of clean, renewable energy in the United States.”Her resolution and the roundtable come about six years after Washington voters approved Initiative 937, which requires larger utilities to get 15 percent of their power from renewable energy sources by 2020. The initiative does not define hydropower as a renewable energy source.last_img read more

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Fierce feline who terrorized family stumps TV host

first_imgPORTLAND — In what truly epitomized the title of his TV show, “My Cat From Hell,” feline behaviorist Jackson Galaxy is calling his attempt to tame the Portland cat notorious for attacking a baby and boxing his panicked owners into a bedroom “the hardest case I have ever worked.”It got more difficult after the happy ending for the cat named Lux soon unraveled.In the reality show that aired last weekend, Galaxy persuades another Portland couple to take Lux while the cat is treated with antidepressants and anti-seizure medication. A veterinarian diagnosed Lux with feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which can trigger violent behavior.But after the episode’s taping, Lux attacked his new guardians and they gave him up for their own safety.“It was the worst letdown,” Galaxy told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a bigger shock. This is the hardest case I have ever worked.”But take heart, Lux supporters.The 4-year-old cat has become Galaxy’s buddy, and the reality star says he hasn’t given up. He’s placed Lux in a veterinary clinic where the cat receives medication while undergoing treatment to try to identify what turns this feline Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.Lux became one of the most notorious cats in pet history after his owner called 911 on March 9 as the cat terrorized his family. Lee Palmer told dispatchers Lux had scratched his son’s head and was out of control. The family barricaded themselves in a bedroom, and Lux could be heard screeching menacingly in the background.last_img read more

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Probiotics may improve cognition in Alzheimers patients

first_imgA daily dose of probiotics – live bacteria and yeasts – that are well-known to be good for the digestive system, can also help improve cognitive functioning in people with Alzheimer’s disease, researchers have found.Probiotics are known to give partial protection against certain infectious diarrhoeas, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, eczema, allergies, colds, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. Probiotics may boost cognition, as there is continuous two-way communication between the intestinal microflora, the gastrointestinal tract, and the brain through the nervous system, the immune system, and hormones (along the so-called “microbiota-gut-brain axis”), the researchers said.  Also Read – Add new books to your shelfIn mice, probiotics were found to improve learning and memory as well as reduce anxiety, depression- and OCD-like symptoms, however, there is very limited evidence of any cognitive benefits in humans, the study noted.However, in the clinical trial on a total of 52 women and men with Alzheimer’s between 60 and 95 years of age, the researchers found that a daily dose of probiotic Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria taken over a period of just 12 weeks could yield a moderate but significant improvement in the score of elderly Alzheimer’s patients on the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) scale — a standard measure of cognitive impairment. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive“In a previous study, we showed that probiotic treatment improves the impaired spatial learning and memory in diabetic rats, but this is the first time that probiotic supplementation has been shown to benefit cognition in cognitively impaired humans,” said Mahmoud Salami, Professor at the University of Kashan in Iran.“These findings indicate that change in the metabolic adjustments might be a mechanism by which probiotics affect Alzheimer’s and possibly other neurological disorders,” Salami added. The study is published in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience.last_img read more

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Civil association says Bacalar lagoon contaminated by sewage

first_imgThe civil organization Agua Clara Bacalar says there are areas unfit for recreational use in the Bacalar lagoon due to high levels of contamination from sewage discharge. They say the discharge is due to the lack of proper drainage systems.Its operational director Marco Jericó Nava Martínez says that the lagoon of the seven colors, as it is also known, is undergoing an alteration with the addition of a greenish color appearing on the banks. He says the residue is particularity noticeable around the Commission of Drinking water and Sewage station.“There is an evident impact on the water quality of the lagoon, especially during the rainy season. We have detected, according to our monitoring indicators, E coli, a bacterium that serves as an indicator if water is affected by sewage discharge.”He pointed out that as an association, they maintain a monitoring of 15 points in the lagoon and have found certain areas such as the ecological park, unsuitable for swimming due to fecal waste.“We have about 8 monitoring points just in the lagoon. Specialists from the South Border College (Ecosur) have found similar results, especially when there is a high amount of rain,” he added.He affirmed that three main factors that affect water quality have been identified, namely the lack of a drainage system, agricultural practices, especially in the Mennonite area as well as the deficient management of solid waste.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Cayman Islands sees record growth in Canadian arrivals

first_imgTags: Cayman Islands Posted by Share Cayman Islands sees record growth in Canadian arrivals << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Friday, January 12, 2018 Travelweek Group TORONTO — The Cayman Islands is seeing significant growth in tourist arrivals from Canada, with visitation up 6.37% in 2017.The destination saw record-breaking arrivals in both air and cruise visitation, representing the best year on record with a total of 418,403 stayover visitors (+8.55% over 2016), and 1,728,444 cruisers. U.S. visitors also saw an uptick last year, with a growth rate of 13.44%.For the seventh straight year (June through December), air arrivals surpassed all previously recorded statistics. A total of 49,003 stayover visitors arrived in December, an increase of 21.61% over December 2016 and up 20.8% over December 2014, which held the previous record for best ranked December in recorded history.According to the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, December increases were fuelled by growth predominantly in North America, namely the U.S. and Canada, which saw increases of 27.43% and 22.71%, respectively, over 2016. These two markets represent the highest standout growth.More news:  Flights cancelled as British Airways hit by computer problem“The performance of the country’s tourism sector and all who played a role in attracting more visitors to the destination should be extraordinarily proud of their efforts,” said Moses Kirkconnell, Deputy Premier and Minister of Tourism. “It is the mandate of the Ministry of Tourism to facilitate annual growth in visitation; however, it is a collective effort that makes it a success. I encourage all of us in the tourism industry and its auxiliary partners to use this accomplishment as a springboard for even greater success in 2018.”Last year’s success can be attributed to a diversified marketing plan that increased brand awareness on a global scale. Key initiatives launched in 2017 included the ‘Worry Free Hurricane Guarantee’, which gave travellers peace of mind during one of the most active hurricane seasons for the Caribbean to date.Looking ahead to 2018, tourism numbers are expected to remain on an upward trend thanks to increased air capacity from carriers like Air Canada, which launched six nonstop flights per week on Dec. 15, 2017, to run through April 2, 2018. Aviation, says the Department of Tourism, is a catalyst for driving Canadian and overall international visitation.More news:  Sunwing ready to launch Mazatlán-Quebec City direct this winter“The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and our island partners in Grand Cayman are absolutely delighted with the expanded service and the impact this has had and will continue to have on driving tourism to the destination,” said Raymond Mathias, Business Development Manager for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism. This added lift will boost both leisure and business travel to the destination as we continue to build on the growth we’ve already seen in 2017.”last_img read more

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Pakistan peace talks stalled by soldier deaths

first_imgAs part of the negotiations, a member of the Taliban negotiating team travelled to the militant stronghold of North Waziristan to meet with the militant leaders and then convey their demands to the government.The coordinator for the Taliban’s negotiating team said at a press conference Monday that he regretted the government’s decision to cancel the meeting: “We still believe that the contacts should be strengthened to avoid bloodshed.”Critics of the peace process say the militants have broken several such agreements in the past and simply used them to strengthen their organization and regroup.Ongoing attacks even as the peace process started have cast doubt over how far these negotiations will go.The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for a car bombing last week that killed 13 police officers in the southern port city of Karachi.(Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Patients with chronic pain give advice Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Comments   Share   Top Stories ISLAMABAD (AP) – A Pakistani government committee tasked with negotiating with the local Taliban Monday cancelled a scheduled round of talks after militants claimed to have killed 23 soldiers in their captivity, a government official said, throwing peace efforts into crisis.There was no point meeting the Pakistani Taliban’s representatives after the deaths were announced, said Irfan Sadiqui, a member of the government’s four-man committee. Sadiqui is also an adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who has advocated negotiations over military action as a way to end the years of bloodshed in the country’s northwest. “We have to say with regret that things are not moving in the right direction,” Sadiqui said.A faction of the Pakistani Taliban announced late Sunday that they had killed the soldiers, who they said had been kidnapped in 2010. It was not immediately clear whether the faction acted with the approval of the central command. The faction said the deaths were in revenge for government forces killing their members.There was no independent way to verify the claim. The Associated Press reported in June 2010 about claims by militants to have kidnapped 35 Frontier Corps troops in the Mohmand Agency tribal region. It was not immediately clear whether this was the same group of soldiers and if so, why the numbers were different.Sharif condemned the killings and said they would have a negative effect on the negotiations. He termed the killings a heinous crime.“Pakistan can’t afford such bloodshed anymore,” he said.The Pakistani Taliban have been waging a bloody campaign for years of bombings and attacks against the state in a bid to overthrow the government and enforce their own harsh brand of Islamic law.The government’s committee was scheduled to meet a committee tasked with negotiating for the militants at a seminary in the northwest where Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Omar and his other top commanders are said to have studied. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Sponsored Stories 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizonalast_img read more

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Indigenous leaders complain of being left off popes agenda

first_imgQUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Ecuador’s largest indigenous association is complaining that it was left off of Pope Francis’s agenda during his visit to Ecuador, where the group has been at odds with President Rafael Correa.The head of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities, Jorge Herrera, said Roman Catholic Church officials never responded clearly to the group’s request to meet directly with Francis during his three days in the country. Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Sponsored Stories Top Stories “It seems we’re not being permitted a direct voice,” he said late Monday.The pope has made outreach to indigenous people a persistent theme during his three-nation South American tour. He has said indigenous peoples are the most vital stewards of the environment and the group most hurt by the ravages of deforestation and contamination by petroleum and mining industries.The confederation, known by its Spanish initials as CONAIE, believes that for that reason, Francis should grant it privileged status during his three days in Ecuador.The pope had no events in the country specifically aimed at indigenous people, though a lector at Tuesday’s papal Mass in Quito delivered a reading in its dominant native tongue, Quichua.In addition, 20 indigenous delegates were invited to a Tuesday night meeting with the pope that included an array of “civil society” organizations, from business to sports to cultural figures.CONAIE has clashed with nearly every Ecuadorean government since it was founded in 1986, and its street mobilizations helped topple a president in 2000. It has been battling Correa’s effort to expand mining and oil drilling in the Amazon and several of its activists have been jailed for their roles in the protests. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Vatican planners generally try to avoid political provocations of a host government and usually are showered with requests for a meeting with the pontiff.Ecuador’s 18 indigenous groups, dominated by the Quichua to which Herrera belongs, account for at least a third of the country’s 15 million people. However, only about 1 million identified themselves as such in the country’s 2010 census.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The vital role family plays in society Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Comments   Share   How men can have a healthy 2019 Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img read more

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CFPB Offers Lenders a Helping Hand

first_img in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News March 22, 2016 572 Views CFPB Offers Lenders a Helping Hand Sharecenter_img Starting March 31, more lenders will qualify for small, rural crediting provisions, thanks to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) new ruling announced this morning.According to the CFPB, the Bureau has officially moved to implement Congress’ recent HELP Act, which stands for Helping Expand Lending Practices in Rural Communities. The act expands the guidelines for what “small creditors” are and will allow more lenders to take advantage of special lending provisions on CFPB mortgage rules set forth in January 2014.Since the initial implementation of these rules, the CFPB has made several moves to expand the definitions of “small creditor” and “rural area,” but before the HELP Act, smaller lenders were only eligible for special provisions if more than half its loans were in rural or underserved areas.Now, with the HELP Act in place, creditors have access to special provisions if they originate just one mortgage loan on a property in a rural or underserved area in the previous calendar year. The CFPB has said it will monitor the results of these changes and adjust the rules as needed in the future.One of the special provisions available to these newly qualified “small lenders” allows creditors to originate Qualified Mortgages with balloon payments, despite the CFPB’s Ability-to-Repay rule, which disallows balloon payments and other risky loan features on QM loans. The special provisions also allow small creditors to originate high-cost mortgages with balloon payments, and they are not required to establish escrow accounts for those loans either.CFPB Director Richard Cordray explains: “The Consumer Bureau today has acted to implement the recent law that extends to more small creditors the specific provisions for operating in rural or underserved areas. This rule provides broader eligibility for lenders serving in those areas to originate balloon-payment qualified and a high-cost mortgages.”The new rule will officially go into effect March 31, and comments will be accepted for 30 days after. CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau HELP Act Lenders Underserved and Rural Areas 2016-03-22 Seth Welbornlast_img read more

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