Burlington residents fear flooding

In Burlington, residents hit hard by last year’s summer storm have fears of flooding again. 35 hundred homes flooded in Burlington in August 2014. And when we have weather like this, many people who live here get nervous “Everybody is nervous on this street. Rain used to be not a big deal, and now that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach that just comes and you can’t get rid of it” said resident Juke Bauer, who remembers last years flood. “We had about 6 feet of water our whole basement flooded and then about 2 feet into our second level. We lost quite a bit.”Thousands of Burlington residents were trying to bail our their basements last year when an unprecedented storm dumped 2 months worth of rain in about 6 hours. I shut down the QEW, trapping cars and drenching neighbourhoods. About 35 hundred homes were flooded.“Everyone keeps their fingers crossed that its not going to happen again. We have done everything right. We have done our down spouts, put the back check valve in.” read more

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