Jennifer Ellison-Brown: Factors affecting performance

first_img The Weather: If the weather is hotter, colder, windier or more humid than you are accustomed to, you won’t perform to the best of your ability. Change in weather may lead to change in tactics. Altitude: At high altitudes, the air is thinner so less oxygen is taken in with each breath. If the body is not adapted to this condition, you are likely to become breathless and dizzy. However, whereas long distance events are difficult to perform at high altitudes, performance in sprinting, jumping and throwing events are enhanced. Playing surface and equipment: Performance can be affected by equipment used and surface performed on. The need for special equipment can prevent some people from taking part, thus restricting their opportunities. Equipment changes as technology influences the design and materials used for increasing durability and performance e.g. boots are lighter and more flexible than before, Running shoes provide more support and protection in the ability to absorb and disperse shock. If you are used to performing on one type of surface, there can be a dramatic change in performance level if you have to adapt suddenly to another. The body and mind affect each other and the environment affects both. Therefore, all three combined will tremendously impact performance. If they are all at their best, optimum performance will be achieved. PHYSIOLOGICAL FACTORS PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS Skill: The more skillful you are, the more likely you are to perform well. Fitness: Once the physical fitness components are satisfied, the performance will be better. Physique: You will perform better at an activity that suits your Somatotype (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph) Age and gender: If an activity depends on strength and speed, the performance will be better at 25 years than 40 years. However, for some activities such as golf age is less important than experience. Age and gender (whether male or female) affects your capacities. Natural physical capacities begin to deteriorate sometimes at age 25. Body composition: Carrying extra weight (over fat) is not good for performance. Illness and injury: Injury and illness can ruin performances. It is best to stay away from the activity. An injury will only get worse. Diet: Diet affects health, which in turn will affect your fitness. What and when you eat before an event will also affect your performance. Drugs: Some drugs improve performance in short term but have long term damaging effects. Athletes can be banned for using performance enhancing drugs. Socially accepted drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes impair performance. Performances are snapshots of what is learned, combined with all the factors affecting us at the same time. Performance levels go up and down constantly depending on how we feel, the weather and interactions with other people. Everyone competes at different levels. The higher the level, the more important these factors become. Therefore, how well you perform in an event or any sport will depend on the following factors. Personality: Some sports suit some personalities (introvert, extrovert). Everybody has their own distinctive character formed as a result of a complex unique to them and their personal history. Performance will be better in sports that fit personality. Motivation: This involves a sense of purpose, commitment and determination which comes from inside (intrinsic). Every performer needs this to do well. Sometimes the motivation comes from outside (extrinsic) and must be valued by the performer for it to have an effect. Arousal: There must be a general mental preparation to action, which is focused and sustained at the optimum point at which the performance is at its very best (psyched up). However, it is important to remain in control and not to pass the optimum level (psyche out) where performance declines under pressure (stress, worry, self doubt, anxiety). Stress: Any stressful situation ( injury, family issues etc … ) or other reasons than participation in the activity, is likely to impair performance. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORSlast_img read more

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Fundraisers giving local mum Sonya Hamilton a fighting chance

first_imgBallybofey mum Sonya Hamilton’s hopes for specialist cancer treatment have become a reality thanks to the amazing generosity of her local community.The 35-year-old mum of five is planning to travel to Germany later this month for three weeks of daily treatments and interventions.Sonya, who is originally from St Johnston, was diagnosed with aggressive cancer in April 2019 following two years of illness. But a major local fundraising campaign has given her hope and a fighting chance as she searched for alternative treatments. Thousands of euro was raised from a wide variety of events held recently to support Sonya and her husband Michael in their hour of need.Sonya Hamilton Mc Closkey“We want to thank every single person who has offered support, fundraised, sent best wishes,” Sonya wrote to the ‘Sonya’s Struggle’ Facebook group yesterday.“Without ye I would not be in a position to look at alternatives. I would not have been able to sit and research and find the best places available to me. As a family we are so thankful & grateful to be given the chance to do this. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.” Sonya’s friend Lisa Spelman told Donegal Daily that the response from the community has been phenomenal.“The fundraising has given Sonya an option. Here at the moment, she has none at all. “The support she gets out in the shop, on the school run, is all pushing Sonya on as she knows she has the support and thanks to all the fundraising she can now go to the German clinic and give herself the best chance.”Another large-scale fundraiser will take place this Saturday 14th September in aid of ‘Sonya’s Struggle’.  Up to 20 volunteers have been training for a White Collar boxing tournament taking place in Jackson’s Hotel at 7pm. Tickets are available from the door or from any participant and it promises to be an exciting night. All support is welcome.Click here to visit the Sonya’s Struggle GoFundMe page.  Fundraisers giving local mum Sonya Hamilton a fighting chance was last modified: September 11th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:sonya hamiltonsonya’s strugglelast_img read more

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Penalties for UIF defaulters

first_imgLess than 10% of South Africa’s employers have complied with the law by forwarding their employees’ particulars to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), according to a study released in Pretoria on Wednesday.(Image: Pixabay)Brand South Africa reporterThe study was conducted by the UIF to gauge the level of compliance since the inception of new UIF Act in April last year.The Act requires that employers provide the fund with payroll information. To ensure better service delivery, the UIF last year adopted an “e-approach” involving electronic installation of payroll information.According to the UIF Act, anyone who is out of work due to a situation created by the employer is entitled to financial benefits.In terms of the Act, employees are required to pay one percent from their monthly income to their employer, who is required to add another percent before submitting the amount to the UIF Commissioner.The Act also covers a wide range of benefits, including unemployment, illness and maternity benefits, as well as benefits related to adoption and dependents.“Our records show that there are about 400 000 employers countrywide paying UIF. However, only 30 000 of them have forwarded their employees’ particulars to the Fund,” UIF Commissioner Shadrack Mkhonto said.Mkhonto said the remaining 370 000 employers may face penalties, but more importantly, they are putting their workers at risk. “Access to unemployment benefits will be twice as difficult for workers who are not registered on the UIF database,” said Mkhonto.He stressed that the collection of payroll information is the cornerstone of the UIF’s new database system, which replaces the traditional “Blue Card” as a record of payment and method of claiming benefits, streamlining the administration of the Fund and bringing an end to long queues of applicants.“It means that employees need only submit a claim form and produce a valid identity document to access benefits, as opposed to the previous system where numerous documents were needed to process a claim.”However, said Mkhonto, should an employee not appear on the UIF database, “a lengthy process of verifying data will have to be undertaken before benefits can be paid to the employee, thus inconveniencing both employers and employees.”Employers may submit employee information manually – the UI19 form is obtainable at your nearest labour centre – or on the UIF Web site, or by e-mailing a payroll extract to the UIF database administrator, or via a file transfer protocol (FTP) obtainable from UIF offices.For more information, phone the UIF Call Centre on (012) 337 1700.Source: BuaNews, Department of Labour, Department of Social DevelopmentWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

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Gauteng plans Mega Projects to house people

first_img8 April 2015The Gauteng city region is moving away from unplanned, sporadic housing developments towards providing human settlements, according to Premier David Makhura, who launched the province’s Mega Projects on 7 April at the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Johannesburg.Mega Projects would lead to unprecedented radical transformation of human settlements and spatial planning in Gauteng over the next 10 years.“Spatial transformation is the mandate of the new administration to boost infrastructure investment. Building of the new cities is a new journey and central to our planning so that people can benefit through job creation and other investments,” said Makhura.There would be a lot of innovative planning in the next few years and changes in the provincial government. Serious planning would stop private sector, municipal and provincial projects that were not desirable. “We are breaking away from the old mode of development of small projects and developing large scale projects of no less than 15 000 units.”Under the programme, all spheres of government and the private sector would work together to build human settlements. “This new human settlement paradigm is centred on planning, partnerships and participation,” the premier said.“We’ve had a virtual collapse of planning and I want to put to the challenge to municipalities because they are the area of government where this is critical. We should not try to control and prevent development but we must direct desirable development.”Planning was about “designing the vision of where we want to go where the public’s interests will not be compromised but will be prioritised”.Quick application turnaroundThe environmental impact assessments municipalities conducted were a waste of time as they were marred by countless delays. “Time wasted is money lost and opportunity lost.”Lack of information regarding their applications may drive developers who wanted to establish projects to other municipalities or provinces.“We have now taken a decision that you will get development approvals within three months,” Makhura said. Municipalities had agreed to simplify tender-approval processes and expedite environment impact-assessment certificate application.The premier also warned business about poor workmanship. “We have had instances where people had built without approval and parts of big shopping malls had collapsed when people were visiting them, assuming they were safe. We must go back to the old city planning model.”He spoke about inclusive developments in Gauteng’s five development corridors to do away with the exclusive enclave of the rich as well as accommodate low income development. In place of “poverty-stricken human settlements”, mega housing projects would establish residential areas comprising 15 000 to 60 000 units, complete with amenities such as schools, parks, health facilities, infrastructure and light industry.Mega Projects follows the announcement of Makhura’s strategy of radical transformation, modernisation and reindustrialisation (TMR) of the province.In-migrationHousing is a concern in Gauteng given the ongoing in-migration, which has resulted in 408 informal settlements as many economic migrants cannot afford formal housing and accommodation.Human Settlements MEC Jacob Mamabolo said that with the launch of Mega Projects, the province aimed to turn around the human settlements space in the Gauteng city region.“We are now going big and clustering human settlements projects so that the yield per mega project can be big enough to make a huge dent in getting more people into homes. Gone are the days of disjointed housing projects spread across all empty spaces in municipalities,” he said, speaking ahead of the official launch.“Serious planning will stop private-sector, municipal and provincial projects that are not desirable. We are breaking away from the old mode of development of small projects and [will] develop large-scale projects of no less than 15 000 units.”Makhura said his administration would deliver 700 000 houses in four years, relying on funding of R11.2-billion annually – R6-billion from the Gauteng department of human settlements, R5-billion from the Urban Settlement Development Grant to Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni, and a R200-million grant from the government.The provincial government would also look into the possibility of providing serviced stands to individuals, allowing them to build their own houses.Mega Projects aims to deliver more than 800 000 houses within 30 residential developments spread across the five development corridors in Gauteng, namely:The Central Development Corridor anchored on the city of Johannesburg as the hub of finance, services, information and communication technology, and pharmaceutical industries;The Eastern Development Corridor built around the economy of the Ekurhuleni metro as the hub of manufacturing, logistics and transport industries;The Northern Development Corridor anchored on Tshwane as the administrative capital city and the hub of the automotive sector, research, development, innovation and the knowledge-based economy;The Western Corridor encompassing the economy of the West Rand district and the creation of new industries, new economic nodes and new cities; and,The Southern Corridor encompassing the economy of the Sedibeng district and the creation of new industries, new economic nodes and new cities.The R100-billion economic corridor investment was announced in March by the premier during his State of the Province address.Business buy-inBusiness had bought into the plans for housing “mega projects”, complete with government services, light-industry manufacturing, agricultural land and retail over the next five to 10 years, according to Mamabolo and Makhura.Makhura said the provincial government, Gauteng’s 12 municipalities and 43 construction companies had signed a memorandum of understanding to develop the precinct model.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

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The Deal You Are Offering Your Dream Client

first_imgEveryone wants a deal. You have to decide what kind of deal you want to give them.One deal that you might be interested in giving your prospective clients is a lower price. That is, after all, what they ask for when they ask for a deal. If that lower price doesn’t allow you to deliver the outcomes you promise, then it isn’t really a deal. There is no reason to offer a discount to win business if that discount robs you of the ability to execute.If dropping your price breaks your business strategy, then it’s a win-lose deal, with you on the losing end. If you don’t compete by having the lowest price, then discounting is one way you break your strategy. When you strip your company of the profit necessary to operate a high caring, high trust, high value creation strategy, the deal you are offering breaks your strategy, and over time, your competitive advantage.A better deal you might consider is to justify the investment necessary to produce the outcomes your dream client needs and to ensure you deliver those outcomes. You aren’t engaged with your prospective client around change because everything was perfect and they were producing the exact results they need. Look, if your dream client could get the results with their current investment, they’d already be producing those results.The deal you are offering is helping your dream client justify investing more to produce the better outcomes they need. The deal that your prospective client is getting includes the opportunity to work with someone who is willing to tell the truth about what it takes to produce those results, and who is willing to help them get the money they need from within their own company.The deal you are offering is having a partner who can see around corners, mitigate risk, help capitalize on opportunities, and who will be accountable for the outcomes they sell. The deal you are offering is trust and advice, and all the things that come with it, not a lower price.last_img read more

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Political will lacking to nab masterminds of Dabholkar’s murder, say activists

first_imgDespite some progress in the Dr. Narendra Dabholkar murder case last year, investigative agencies have failed to nab the masterminds behind the crime while successive State governments have lacked the political will to bring a closure to the case, said the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti on Tuesday on the sixth death anniversary of the eminent rationalist.As is the custom on each anniversary, activists from the MANS and ordinary citizens gathered at the city’s Omkareshwar Bridge, where Dr. Dabholkar was gunned down while out for a morning stroll on August 20, 2013.Chants of ‘Phule! Shahu! Ambedkar! Amhi Saare Dabholkar, Pansare, Kalburgi, Gauri Lankesh!’ rent the air and as scores of demonstrators taking part in the ‘Jawab Do’ campaign questioned the government’s tardiness in bringing the masterminds of the murders of Dr. Dabholkar, veteran Communist leader Govind Pansare, scholar M.M. Kalburgi and senior journalist Gauri Lankesh to book.“While there have been eight arrests in the case last year, the main orchestrators of the conspiracy have yet to be arrested,” said Dr. Hamid Dabholkar, son of the late rationalist.He said be it the erstwhile Congress-Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) government or the present Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-Shiv Sena, none of the administrations had ever taken the lead in bringing the case to a satisfying conclusion.“We find that it is only after the Bombay High Court keeps rapping the probe agencies on their knuckles from time to time that there is some progress in the form of a few arrests, as in the case of Sachin Andure and Sharad Kalaskar [named by the CBI as the assailants of Dr. Dabholkar],” said Dr. Hamid Dabholkar.Activist Mukta Dabholkar, the late rationalist’s daughter, pointed out that the scope of violence on part of these right-wing, hardline outfits was no longer limited to progressive thinkers or activists, but extended to common citizens as well.“It is not only the question of Dabholkar, Kalburgi and Pansare, but now concerns ordinary people as well, as was proved by the Nallasopara arms haul. Think of the enormous loss of life that would have entailed had these bombs gone off,” said Ms. Dabholkar.She further said that the charge sheets filed in the murders of all four activists clearly pointed to a radical syndicate that was influencing youths to carry out such crimes.“Investigative agencies have detailed the ways in which these young assailants were influenced to carry out their deeds, and how they were motivated after reading a particular kind of literature. The question arises as to who is sheltering them and funding them,” said Ms. Dabholkar.“It is extremely painful if the death of someone close [Dr. Dabholkar] has to be revived again and again [in the form of anniversary protests]. But we think more of Dr. Dabholkar than merely being our father…he was a symbol of progressive thought and remains an inspiration to youths. His killing is emblematic of intolerance and the crushing of progressive thought,” she said.last_img read more

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India vs West Indies: In funny moment, Mohammed Shami imitates Sheldon Cottrell’s salute celebration

first_imgMohammed Shami imitated Sheldon Cottrell’s trademark salute after the West Indies pacer fell to Yuzvendra Chahal during India’s emphatic victory at Old Trafford on Thursday.It was all in good fun of course and even Cottrell smiled at Shami’s imitation act.Sheldon Cottrell’s salute celebration after taking a wicket has gone viral during the World Cup. However, the West Indies were knocked out of the semi-finals race after losing to India. With 3 points from 7 matches, West Indies only have pride to play for.Mohammed Shami had replaced Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the game against Afghanistan. On Saturday, he became the 2nd Indian bowler to take a World Cup hat-trick as he stopped Afghanistan from registering a shock win.On Thursday, Shami was on fire again as he finished with 4 for 16 to rock West Indies and knock them out of the semi-finals race. In a funny moment, after Chahal snapped up Cottrell, Shami imitated the West Indian pacer.Never ever ever in your life mess with Indians #INDvsWI #Shami le liya (@sanghamitra_4) June 27, 2019Sheldon Cottrell had earlier explained to BBC that he was a soldier by profession and saluted after every wicket to show his respect to the Jamaica Defence Force.”It’s a military-style salute. I’m a soldier by profession. Me saluting is just to show my respect to the Jamaica Defence Force,” he had said.”I do it every time I get a wicket. I practised it for six months when I was training in the army.”advertisementIndia crushed West Indies by 125 runs at Old Trafford on Thursday to inch one step closer to the semi-finals of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.India now have 11 points while West Indies with 3 points from 7 matches are out of the semi-finals race.Also Read | World Cup 2019: Yawning is normal, did not commit a crime, says Sarfaraz AhmedAlso Read | Virat Kohli breaks Tendulkar and Lara record, fastest to 20,000 international runsAlso Seelast_img read more

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first_imgForget the intense training sessions and hard out game faces; Get the sweat bands, Fluorescent zinc, the 30 plus sunscreen, the ice vests, and the after game social drinks and BBQ ready to roll – summer Touch Football is back folks, and in a big way…Touch Football Australia is welcoming affiliates Australia wide to an action packed summer of fun around the touch fields of the nation.Summer Touch Football is booming around the Country with record numbers clambering to sign their teams up to experience the fun, friendship, and fitness aspects of the game that generates wide appeal, interest, and participation from a huge cross section of the community.Established competitions are going better than a Justine Henin-Harden backhand, with teams needing to be accommodated with additional timeslots, competition nights, and in some cases, venues, right across the Country.New competitions are popping up faster than high rises on delisted heritage sites as Australians embrace our game during a long hot summer.Whether it’s the warmer weather, the flexibility of various age categories and gender configurations, a recess in the Football codes and other winter ball sports, increased leisure time in a more relaxed holiday atmosphere, or just the fact that with the festive season beckoning the need to exercise to avoid an unwanted visit from a few extra kilograms is a necessity, our game has become the first choice sport for many during summer.TFA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Colm Maguire is looking forward to the Sizzling Summer of Touch Football across the nation and believes there are many contributing factors to the sport’s popularity during this period.“I believe summer Touch Football is so successful because it’s a great activity for people to participate in with friends and or family without the burden of training etc. It is outdoors and has a real community feel where by everyone is involved often. The sport is one of the few that you can play with your partner or your kids as well as pick and choose what level you feel is appropriate and then get into it.  Our competitions across the Country are totally inclusive and offer a niche for everyone. It is enjoyable and fun, or it is deadly serious. We have some great affiliate action and showcase tournaments to look forward to in coming months and it’s a great time to be involved in the sport,” Mr. Maguire said. All forms of the game are thriving at this time from grass root level AusTouch programs, to social and park level competitions, and prestigious showcase tournaments in all States of Australia.AusTouch, Touch Football Australia’s entry-level program to the game for Juniors, has over 1300 participants enrolled in the program since August. Over 1000 of these enrollments have been for summer season installments of the popular introductory program.Borroloola in the Northern Territory has signed up an impressive 200 strong children, whilst Goldfields in Western Australia has 150 participants at the biggest of its 6 statewide centres.Summer is tournament season for many of our States with showcase events being played all around the nation.In Queensland, the Regional State Championships were held last month, and the First Contact Cultural Festival that annually attracts over 5000 people to the Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association (BMTA) will be held on the weekend on the 23-25 November 2007.BMTA have 260 teams registered across competitions in Brisbane over summer, and there are new Brisbane City venues at Inala, Kedron, and Norman Park.In North Queensland the recent NQ Junior Championships attracted record numbers, whilst on the tournament front, South Queensland & Border Districts will host their Annual Sharks Cup this weekend 17-18 November 2007 at Labrador in 18s, Open, Seniors, and Masters Mixed divisions.Summer competitions are thriving in South West Queensland, Central Queensland, and on the Sunshine Coast as well.Victoria is working its way through a hectic summer of tournaments including the recently completed School Sport Australia Championships, The VT League featuring the cream of Victoria’s elite performers that will culminate in a Grand Final Spectacular on 1st December 2007, and the Annual Trans-Tasman clash featuring the best of Victoria’s Australian based Kiwis against Victoria’s best representative players will be fiercely contested on the 16th December 2007.The Western Australia (WA) Super League is in full swing, with various affiliates taking turns to host the weekly representative showcase event that will culminate with a Grand Final Day on the 20th January 2008.Other highlights include the Touch West “Be Active” Junior League that will run from both North and South venues in Metropolitan Perth from 2nd February 2008, and the WA State Championships on 29th January – 2nd February 2008.The Summer season in WA is hugely popular with 550 registered affiliates, compared to 220 registered affiliates in Winter.WA also welcome a new affiliate for Summer in Cottesloe and Districts Sunset Touch Association.The Australian Capital Territory Touch Association is also hosting a Super League Series over summer for ACTTA Constituent clubs, hot on the heels of its successful Canberra Cup, staged on 2-4 November 2007.The ACTTA’s domestic competition is going great guns with 273 teams, 14 more than last summer season, taking up their spots on the half way lines of fields in the nation’s capital.ACT Junior competition numbers have swollen significantly with 136 teams in ACT Touch competitions and 25 teams at the Queanbeyan affiliate. This represents an increase on numbers of approximately 34%. Tasmania are cranking up their main season with players in affiliates in the major centres of Launceston, Devonport, and Hobart dusting off the boots for a summer of fun on the touch fields.Last week’s Tasmanian Junior State Championships was a huge success with teams contesting for the crown in divisions of 12 Years – 16 Years to demonstrate the strong standing of Junior Touch in the summer months in the Apple Isle.Southern Touch has launched its summer Premier League on Friday nights for Division 1 Men’s and Women’s and Division 2 Men’s, whilst Devonport Touch will host the Inaugural Northern Challenge on 24th November 2007.The Northern Challenge will comprise regional teams from Devonport and Launceston, as well as invitational teams from the Southern Touch Association.  This will be the selection tournament for the Northern teams to compete in the new look State Cup hosted by Launceston Touch in February 2008.  The new format will see the North play the South to showcase Tasmania’s elite level players.In South Australia, Summer is shaping up in a huge way, with new affiliate Victor Harbour joining 13 other growing affiliates around the State. Registrations are up 15% across the board over summer with 300 teams playing across the various affiliates.The Inaugural Touch Football South Australia Junior Touch league will run for six weeks up to December 16th 2007, and the Portavin Wine Charity Fundraiser Tournament will bring together some of South Australia’s major sporting stars, the touch community, and the general public on 25 November, 2007 to participate in a highly anticipated day of Touch Football and social activities.In the Northern Territory, the Darwin Touch Competition will culminate with Grand Finals on the 14th December 2007.The Australia Day knockout, played over the Australia Day long weekend on Monday 28th January 2008, will be a further summer highlight, whilst the growth of the NT Junior Competition is a pleasing reflection of development work and the establishment of AusTouch centres around the Territory.For the founding fathers’ of the sport, the New South Wales Touch Association, summer represents a sharp intake in registration numbers across the 159 affiliate in Blue’s territory.Six new affiliates have been established across the State for the Summer season and there is a 2-3% growth in Adult competitions across the state and 5-10% growth in juniors. The various regional areas of NSW will contest a plethora of tournaments, with 9 major events on the calendar over summer.The hugely popular Yass Knockout from 25-27 January 2008, and the prestigious NSWTA Junior State Cup to be contested on the 16-17 February 2008, headline an impressive list of tournaments. The jewel in the crown however, is the Annual NSWTA State Cup from 7-9 December 2007.Over 4000 people are expected to converge on Port Macquarie for 3 days of intense competition and endless fun in one of Australia’s biggest and most-loved tournaments, now entering its 30th year in existence. It isn’t just on the grass that our game is carving up the numbers either, the advent of water restrictions in a number of States has meant that Beach Touch competitions have become a real alternative for Touch Footy enthusiasts who are keen to experience the sport in a very different, exciting, and high octane format.Beach Touch competitions and events are on the rise this summer at venues around the nation including Fremantle in Western Australia, and at various locations in Queensland. The SQBD region will also host a Secondary Schools Beach touch tournament on Monday 26th November 2007 at Greenmount Beach Coolangatta.TFA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Colm Maguire has instigated a program for TFA staff to contact each affiliate in Australia this week to officially welcome them to the Summer season and discuss their individual needs coming into what promises to be a very busy time for all.“TFA have a number of exciting concepts slated for summer aimed at improving our service to members. The first is improved communication across the board. We appreciate the work our affiliates do and it is crucial that the lines of communication are open and clear so that we can all work together to generate tangible outcomes for our members,” Mr. Maguire said.TFA will shortly unveil a range of services and products that will further foreground Touch Football as a sport on the move.“We have a new look website, affiliate and referee reward programs, new merchandise, and an increased community focus among other initiatives. I think innovations like the trends of the game and sporting pulse TV will only enhance our ability to maintain and attract new members. We are lining things up with our Strategic Plan which provides a real blueprint for the future with measureable outcomes and I believe everyone is looking forward to where the sport is going in the next couple of years,” Mr. Maguire said.So from Longreach to Launceston, slap on the sunscreen, apply the mozzie repellent, kit up and settle in for TFA’s sizzling summer of Touch Football.last_img read more

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10 days ago​Man Utd receive positive news over Lindelof

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say ​Man Utd receive positive news over Lindelofby Freddie Taylor10 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United have received a boost regarding central defender Victor Lindelof.The Red Devils were concerned the Swedish centre-back would miss their key clash with Liverpool at the weekend.But it appears that Lindelof is set to start for Sweden in their Euro 2020 qualifier against Spain at home in midweek.”I haven’t heard anything other than Vigge [Lindelof] getting ready to play,” Sweden coach Janne Anderson told Aftonbladet.The news would mean that he is fit enough to play for his club as well.The Swedes face a key game against Spain tomorrow, which will go a long way towards determining their chances of qualifying for Euro 2020. last_img read more

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Activists Celebrities And Governments Call To End Global Gender Pay Gap

first_imgAt a packed event in the UN General Assembly in New York yesterday, champions of equal pay took centre stage, putting forth a clarion call to end the global gender pay gap that stands at 23 per cent.Activists, celebrities and governments call to end global gender pay gapCredit/Copyright: UN Women/Ryan BrownThe event launched the high-profile Equal Pay Platform of Champions, a diverse group of advocates to amplify and galvanize mobilization — as part of a broader ILO-UN Women Global Equal Pay Coalition — calling for equal pay for work of equal value. The event at the UN was hosted by UN Women in partnership with ILO, and co-sponsored by the Missions of Iceland, South Africa and Switzerland, coinciding with the opening day of the 61st Commission on the Status of Women, the largest inter-governmental forum on women’s rights and gender equality, which is focusing this year on the theme of “Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work”.The Platform of Champions builds momentum to address the issue of pay inequality, which affects women and girls in every country in the world. It brings together Oscar Award-winning American actress Patricia Arquette, two-time Olympic gold medalist and soccer superstar Abby Wambach, along with leaders from trade unions, civil society, government and private sector, film makers and gender equality advocates.On global average, women only make 77 cents for every dollar men earn. As a result, there’s a lifetime of income inequality between men and women and more women are retiring into poverty. The global gender pay gap is 23 per cent, and in some countries this gap is even bigger: over their lifetimes, women in Sweden and France can expect to earn 31 per cent less than men; this figure is 49 per cent for women in Germany and 75 per cent for women in Turkey. One of the main reasons for the gender pay gap is that women tend to be concentrated in different jobs than men, such as teaching, health care, or child-care, and these sectors are the ones that tend to be underpaid.“In all fields, at all levels of society, and across all countries, wage inequalities between men and women is a blatant reality, which impacts the lives of many. How much longer are we going to allow it? By joining this Platform, I am determined to shed light on this entrenched form of discrimination and help efforts to put an end to the gender pay gap,” said Patricia Arquette, Oscar-winning actress and member of the Equal Pay Platform of Champions.“The gender pay gap reflects the unjustifiably diminished position of many women in society and helps to keep them there. It affects every country across the world and is now coming under full scrutiny,” said UN Women Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka. “I am confident the Equal Pay Champions will help to make this flagrant inequality a thing of the past through their advocacy efforts,” she added.Through their advocacy work, the Equal Pay Champions will raise awareness on this critical issue, and will call on increased political support by proactively reaching out to decision and policy-makers.“In many ways the quest for women’s economic empowerment will be lost or won in the world of work. It will be reflected in whether and how women gain entry to the labour market, and the terms of their engagement in the world of work—whether in fields or factories, service centres, households or boardrooms,” said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder.“The Icelandic Equal Pay Standard will enable us to achieve our goal of equal pay for work of equal value by 2022,” said Thorsteinn Víglundsson, Minister of Social Affairs and Equality, Iceland, one of the co-sponsors of the event. “Iceland knows that gender equality is the basis of our success and economic prosperity. We will implement legislation to require larger firms and institutions to have their equal pay system certified, based on the standard,” he reiterated.last_img read more

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