Students benefit from Warren Weir Foundation

first_imgTen students, ranging from the primary to tertiary level, were recipients of back-to-school financial grants from the Warren Weir Foundation.The presentation, from the Olympic 200 metres bronze medallist, took place at the Facey Commodity Merchandise Division on Wednesday.The financial contributions, Weir said, are to help the various families offset back-to-school expenses and he hopes other sponsors will contribute to his Foundation and assist more students in the future.”As a single parent, back to school is one of the roughest times and we know the pain they (parents) face when it’s back to school, so it’s a wonderful feeling to know that I am in a position to come back and help them,” Weir, who is the brand ambassador for Serge Island milk, said.”As role models, we know that we have a job to give back to the wider society. So it’s not hard to give back,” he continued. “It is something that I always wanted to do. When I was younger, I said, whenever I am in a place where I am okay and I can give back to the wider society, I would, and it’s a pleasure to know that I can come here today and do that,” he noted.Four male students, Nathan Morrison (New Providence Primary), Justice Case (Jamaica College), Daniel Matthew (Papine High) and Royan Newman (Naggo Head Primary, along with six females, Kemora Pilliner (Grove Primary), Thembeka Jarrett (Cedar Grove Academy), Shenelle Harriott (Merl Grove High), Lotoya Coley (Lacovia High) and Britanyah Dunn (Bog Walk Primary), were selected through national outreach programmes and churches, and the athletic star wants to now expand the programme to assist more of the nation’s children.Selection process”They were selected from three churches and one outreach programme and the amount (contribution) was based on their (school) level. Primary got a certain amount, high school got a certain amount and tertiary got a certain amount.”Also, if you are doing CXC and a child is in third form, the CXC student would get more or a child in six grade would get more than a child in five grade,” he explained. “But I’d like for more sponsors to come on board. They are not sponsoring me, this is to help my Foundation and reach out to more kids.”It doesn’t have to be much, just a pencil, a pen, a book goes a long way, as there are kids out there with nothing for school. So once you can reach out to them in some way, it would be a wonderful gesture,” he said.Delroy Edwards, a family member of Merl Grove High’s sixth former, Shenelle Harriott, said it will be of great assistance and heaped praise on Weir for his conscience and foresight.”Things are really tough, so this means a lot; it will help cut down the expenses and help her go to school and continue her education, so this contribution will help a lot,” he said.”I want to thank Warren for the contribution and tell him keep it up and may God continue to bless him,” he commented.Rhona Jarrett, the guardian of Thembeka Jarrett, was extremely grateful for the contribution, which she says will eliminate her burden of school fees this term.”I just want to thank Warren to help us in paying the school fee. I am grateful, very grateful,” she said.last_img

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