DD Fitness: The Top 5 reasons you can’t lose weight

first_imgThis week Donegal Daily’s fitness guru Emmett Rushe tells you why weight loss isn’t always easy.The premise of it is easy. Create a calorie deficit and you will lose weight.The execution of this, however, doesn’t always go according to plan. There are people who try time and time again to lose weight but, somehow, always seem to fall short of their goal.Sometimes the reason we are not losing the weight we would like is because we have to adjust things in a way that doesn’t sit well with us.You may have to adjust your diet in a way you didn’t expect.You may have to train in a way you didn’t expect. You may have to give up things you like in order to get to where you would like to be.All of these things can have an effect on whether you reach your weight loss goals or not.This is something I ALWAYS tell my Rushe Fitness members.You can join us in our Lean in 2019 program on September 16th if you want to find an easy to follow method of losing weight the right way. CLICK HERE NOW!There are times where we might need a mirror held up in front of us, so we can finally see the things that are keeping us from reaching our goals. The majority of the time the main thing stopping us, is us.We are unwilling to make the changes we need to make in order to get to where we want to be.Below I am going to list the top 5 reasons for failure to achieve weight loss that I have come across.You are unwilling to actually start your diet.This might seem like a silly statement, but one of the biggest obstacles that people face when starting out with weight loss is actually starting.They are willing to train.They are willing to take supplements.They are willing to do endless burpees.Yet when you ask them how their diet is going, they suddenly become quiet.Starting your diet is the first hurdle you will meet when you start out with weight loss. Advertisement You can’t keep eating the same foods that caused your weight gain and expect different results. You think that training alone will get you where you need to be.Training is a great way to burn calories.Whether it is weight training, cardio or a mixture of both, they all help to burn calories.However, training alone, sometimes isn’t enough to create a large enough calorie deficit in order for you to lose weight. It is very easy to take in more calories than you expend.For some, they think that adding in more and more training will be the answer.When you are in the right calorie deficit, you don’t need excessive amounts of training.Excessive amounts of training won’t always help you to lose weight.You eat ‘healthy’ but don’t count the snacks.To start with, “eating healthy” is a redundant statement when it comes to weight loss.You are either eating for weight loss or you are not.You can eat healthy all you want, but if you are not in a deficit, you will not lose weight.We also have to take into account the snacks that you don’t register as food.A biscuit here or there.  Finishing your kid’s chips before scraping the leftovers into the bin.The cakes, buns, sweets that are laying around work, that you don’t want, but can’t help indulging in every time you pass by.These items are very calorie-dense, they have a lot of calories for a small portion of food.Even though you eat healthy at your main meals, you are not taking into account all the small things that add up and can send you over your daily calorie amount.You drink too much alcohol.This is a simple one.If you drink multiple times per week, you are more likely to be overweight.You have the alcohol calories, fluid retention, decrease fat burning due to the body having to excrete the alcohol.All these things will cause you to gain weight.‘But I only have one glass of wine’ Advertisement Seriously?Let’s be realistic here.Who only has one glass of wine?You at least have 2 glasses and they are not the usual measure of wine, it is more than half of a large glass each time and almost a bottle by the time you are finished.If you are doing this multiple times per week, (does Thursday to Sunday sound familiar?) , you are more likely to be overweight.Your weekends are a disaster.The last scenario is people who do well when they are in a routine. They plan and prepare their food all week; at work, at home, after training.Once they hit the weekend however, everything changes.They are out of routine and snack on things they usually don’t snack on.They eat out more.They eat processed foods more.They drink more alcohol.They drink high calorie flavoured coffees. It is extremely easy to mess up 5 days of good work through training and good nutrition in a single weekend.What’s worse is you can go so far over on your calories that it will carry over into a day or 2 of the following week.Do these things every weekend and over the course of a year you can see the pounds creeping on.If you recognise one or more of these things and realise that they might be your downfall, maybe it’s time to change things up a bit.It’s never nice to have our faults held up in front of us.But sometimes it’s exactly what we need for us to realise that, this is what the problem is and to motivate us to finally change.#leanin2019Our next set of Lean in 2019 classes starts on September 16th.Now the kids are heading back to school, you can get back into routine and have time for yourself.Let us help you to achieve your goals.Click the link below to see our extensive range of times and membership options.https://www.rushefitness.ie/class/lean-in-2019-gym-plan/Spaces are filling up fast so don’t delay, get booking NOW and get the rest of 2019 off to a great start!DD Fitness: The Top 5 reasons you can’t lose weight was last modified: August 30th, 2019 by Emmet RusheShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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ECM: XML Content Management Systems and DITA

first_imgXML Content Management systems store and manage information that has been structured and saved as XML.  Many base content management concepts and functions carry over to the XML CM system, but the real beauty of handling content as XML is that it allows very granular access to information.  Standard CM systems typically work with data packaged as files, but with XML, access to textual data down to the level of paragraphs or phrases is possible.Such fine grain access to document data is particularly useful to authors of complex technical documentation that need to create new documents composed of many different data components.  Industries where such capability could be well applied include manufacturing, aerospace and technology.  Publishers and marketing departments have similar requirements and often need to repurpose and reformat data in many ways.  Managing translated content is another example.  Being able to refer to text in a very granular way simplifies and speeds the identification of new or changed content, which can save a lot of money.XML Content Management Systems target a different kind of problem than normal Document or Web Content Mangement.  XML systems allow for very complex reuse of granular packets of information.  These systems also support much more sophisticated ways to tag blocks of text with metadata.  For example, XML can be nested and metadata can be assigned to different levels within the data tree structure.But XML on its own is not a complete enough description to allow easy exchange of XML documents between systems.  To do that, a common XML usage style is needed.  Since originally developed in 2000, IBM’s DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) has gained traction as an XML-based architecture for authoring, producing and delivering information.DITA is now a public standard that was contributed by IBM to OASIS in 2004.  This contribution to OASIS is good example of how standards quickly solidify and achieve acceptance once proprietary restrictions are removed.  After moving to OASIS, DITA has received good acceptance and a community has built up around it.  The variety of tools and applications that have grown up around DITA are much more than would have been possible had IBM gone it alone.Adoptors and supporters of DITA include both Adobe and Autodesk.  DITA lets Adobe share textual content across documentation that may be common across their wide set of products.  Similarly AutoDesk uses it for manging online help, printed books, and tutorials.While out-of-the-box DITA probably isn’t sufficient for most organizations, it provides a great base to build on, and that’s what both Adobe and AutoDesk have done.  And for things that DITA can’t handle or doesn’t work well with, it has something called ‘specialization’ that allows for more targeted customization of the XML specification.XML CM and DITA are changing the way that documentation, marketing and training materials can be produced and translated.  Standards are often criticized as too slow-moving, too bulky, or impediments to acceptance of anything new.  But standards like XML and DITA are positive examples where once a standard receives acceptance a whole new business around those standards can form and thrive.last_img read more

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first_imgForget the intense training sessions and hard out game faces; Get the sweat bands, Fluorescent zinc, the 30 plus sunscreen, the ice vests, and the after game social drinks and BBQ ready to roll – summer Touch Football is back folks, and in a big way…Touch Football Australia is welcoming affiliates Australia wide to an action packed summer of fun around the touch fields of the nation.Summer Touch Football is booming around the Country with record numbers clambering to sign their teams up to experience the fun, friendship, and fitness aspects of the game that generates wide appeal, interest, and participation from a huge cross section of the community.Established competitions are going better than a Justine Henin-Harden backhand, with teams needing to be accommodated with additional timeslots, competition nights, and in some cases, venues, right across the Country.New competitions are popping up faster than high rises on delisted heritage sites as Australians embrace our game during a long hot summer.Whether it’s the warmer weather, the flexibility of various age categories and gender configurations, a recess in the Football codes and other winter ball sports, increased leisure time in a more relaxed holiday atmosphere, or just the fact that with the festive season beckoning the need to exercise to avoid an unwanted visit from a few extra kilograms is a necessity, our game has become the first choice sport for many during summer.TFA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Colm Maguire is looking forward to the Sizzling Summer of Touch Football across the nation and believes there are many contributing factors to the sport’s popularity during this period.“I believe summer Touch Football is so successful because it’s a great activity for people to participate in with friends and or family without the burden of training etc. It is outdoors and has a real community feel where by everyone is involved often. The sport is one of the few that you can play with your partner or your kids as well as pick and choose what level you feel is appropriate and then get into it.  Our competitions across the Country are totally inclusive and offer a niche for everyone. It is enjoyable and fun, or it is deadly serious. We have some great affiliate action and showcase tournaments to look forward to in coming months and it’s a great time to be involved in the sport,” Mr. Maguire said. All forms of the game are thriving at this time from grass root level AusTouch programs, to social and park level competitions, and prestigious showcase tournaments in all States of Australia.AusTouch, Touch Football Australia’s entry-level program to the game for Juniors, has over 1300 participants enrolled in the program since August. Over 1000 of these enrollments have been for summer season installments of the popular introductory program.Borroloola in the Northern Territory has signed up an impressive 200 strong children, whilst Goldfields in Western Australia has 150 participants at the biggest of its 6 statewide centres.Summer is tournament season for many of our States with showcase events being played all around the nation.In Queensland, the Regional State Championships were held last month, and the First Contact Cultural Festival that annually attracts over 5000 people to the Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association (BMTA) will be held on the weekend on the 23-25 November 2007.BMTA have 260 teams registered across competitions in Brisbane over summer, and there are new Brisbane City venues at Inala, Kedron, and Norman Park.In North Queensland the recent NQ Junior Championships attracted record numbers, whilst on the tournament front, South Queensland & Border Districts will host their Annual Sharks Cup this weekend 17-18 November 2007 at Labrador in 18s, Open, Seniors, and Masters Mixed divisions.Summer competitions are thriving in South West Queensland, Central Queensland, and on the Sunshine Coast as well.Victoria is working its way through a hectic summer of tournaments including the recently completed School Sport Australia Championships, The VT League featuring the cream of Victoria’s elite performers that will culminate in a Grand Final Spectacular on 1st December 2007, and the Annual Trans-Tasman clash featuring the best of Victoria’s Australian based Kiwis against Victoria’s best representative players will be fiercely contested on the 16th December 2007.The Western Australia (WA) Super League is in full swing, with various affiliates taking turns to host the weekly representative showcase event that will culminate with a Grand Final Day on the 20th January 2008.Other highlights include the Touch West “Be Active” Junior League that will run from both North and South venues in Metropolitan Perth from 2nd February 2008, and the WA State Championships on 29th January – 2nd February 2008.The Summer season in WA is hugely popular with 550 registered affiliates, compared to 220 registered affiliates in Winter.WA also welcome a new affiliate for Summer in Cottesloe and Districts Sunset Touch Association.The Australian Capital Territory Touch Association is also hosting a Super League Series over summer for ACTTA Constituent clubs, hot on the heels of its successful Canberra Cup, staged on 2-4 November 2007.The ACTTA’s domestic competition is going great guns with 273 teams, 14 more than last summer season, taking up their spots on the half way lines of fields in the nation’s capital.ACT Junior competition numbers have swollen significantly with 136 teams in ACT Touch competitions and 25 teams at the Queanbeyan affiliate. This represents an increase on numbers of approximately 34%. Tasmania are cranking up their main season with players in affiliates in the major centres of Launceston, Devonport, and Hobart dusting off the boots for a summer of fun on the touch fields.Last week’s Tasmanian Junior State Championships was a huge success with teams contesting for the crown in divisions of 12 Years – 16 Years to demonstrate the strong standing of Junior Touch in the summer months in the Apple Isle.Southern Touch has launched its summer Premier League on Friday nights for Division 1 Men’s and Women’s and Division 2 Men’s, whilst Devonport Touch will host the Inaugural Northern Challenge on 24th November 2007.The Northern Challenge will comprise regional teams from Devonport and Launceston, as well as invitational teams from the Southern Touch Association.  This will be the selection tournament for the Northern teams to compete in the new look State Cup hosted by Launceston Touch in February 2008.  The new format will see the North play the South to showcase Tasmania’s elite level players.In South Australia, Summer is shaping up in a huge way, with new affiliate Victor Harbour joining 13 other growing affiliates around the State. Registrations are up 15% across the board over summer with 300 teams playing across the various affiliates.The Inaugural Touch Football South Australia Junior Touch league will run for six weeks up to December 16th 2007, and the Portavin Wine Charity Fundraiser Tournament will bring together some of South Australia’s major sporting stars, the touch community, and the general public on 25 November, 2007 to participate in a highly anticipated day of Touch Football and social activities.In the Northern Territory, the Darwin Touch Competition will culminate with Grand Finals on the 14th December 2007.The Australia Day knockout, played over the Australia Day long weekend on Monday 28th January 2008, will be a further summer highlight, whilst the growth of the NT Junior Competition is a pleasing reflection of development work and the establishment of AusTouch centres around the Territory.For the founding fathers’ of the sport, the New South Wales Touch Association, summer represents a sharp intake in registration numbers across the 159 affiliate in Blue’s territory.Six new affiliates have been established across the State for the Summer season and there is a 2-3% growth in Adult competitions across the state and 5-10% growth in juniors. The various regional areas of NSW will contest a plethora of tournaments, with 9 major events on the calendar over summer.The hugely popular Yass Knockout from 25-27 January 2008, and the prestigious NSWTA Junior State Cup to be contested on the 16-17 February 2008, headline an impressive list of tournaments. The jewel in the crown however, is the Annual NSWTA State Cup from 7-9 December 2007.Over 4000 people are expected to converge on Port Macquarie for 3 days of intense competition and endless fun in one of Australia’s biggest and most-loved tournaments, now entering its 30th year in existence. It isn’t just on the grass that our game is carving up the numbers either, the advent of water restrictions in a number of States has meant that Beach Touch competitions have become a real alternative for Touch Footy enthusiasts who are keen to experience the sport in a very different, exciting, and high octane format.Beach Touch competitions and events are on the rise this summer at venues around the nation including Fremantle in Western Australia, and at various locations in Queensland. The SQBD region will also host a Secondary Schools Beach touch tournament on Monday 26th November 2007 at Greenmount Beach Coolangatta.TFA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Colm Maguire has instigated a program for TFA staff to contact each affiliate in Australia this week to officially welcome them to the Summer season and discuss their individual needs coming into what promises to be a very busy time for all.“TFA have a number of exciting concepts slated for summer aimed at improving our service to members. The first is improved communication across the board. We appreciate the work our affiliates do and it is crucial that the lines of communication are open and clear so that we can all work together to generate tangible outcomes for our members,” Mr. Maguire said.TFA will shortly unveil a range of services and products that will further foreground Touch Football as a sport on the move.“We have a new look website, affiliate and referee reward programs, new merchandise, and an increased community focus among other initiatives. I think innovations like the trends of the game and sporting pulse TV will only enhance our ability to maintain and attract new members. We are lining things up with our Strategic Plan which provides a real blueprint for the future with measureable outcomes and I believe everyone is looking forward to where the sport is going in the next couple of years,” Mr. Maguire said.So from Longreach to Launceston, slap on the sunscreen, apply the mozzie repellent, kit up and settle in for TFA’s sizzling summer of Touch Football.last_img read more

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Freezing rain warning issued for Fort Nelson

first_imgSee the full weather warning below.Issued at 2019-01-26 16:25 UTC by Environment Canada: Freezing rain warning issued for:Fort Nelson, B.C. (088100)Current details: Freezing rain is expected or occurring.A warm front is moving across northern BC. Warm air aloft in combination with the cold air at the surface is producing periods of freezing rain over the Fort Nelson area. The freezing rain is expected to change over to a few flurries this evening as the warm front moves out of the region.Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become icy and slippery.Be prepared to adjust your driving with changing road conditions. Freezing rain warnings are issued when rain falling in sub-zero temperatures creates ice build-up and icy surfaces. FORT NELSON, B.C. – Environment Canada has issued a freezing rain warning for the Fort Nelson region.A warm front is moving across northern BC. Warm air aloft in combination with the cold air at the surface is producing periods of freezing rain over the Fort Nelson area.The freezing rain is expected to change over to a few flurries this evening as the warm front moves out of the region.last_img read more

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Days before polls police recover 95 cartons of illicit liquor

first_imgNew Delhi: Days before polls the Delhi Police on Friday said that they have arrested two persons and recovered 95 cartons of illicit liquor smuggled into Delhi from the neighbouring state of Haryana. Police said on May 1, accused Manish Yadav was apprehended after a brief chase by the team near DDA office in Mangla Puri. One Hyundai I-20 car being driven by the accused was found laden with 45 cartons of illicit liquor. In the second incident one, Vijay nabbed from Palam area when he was transporting illicit liquor. Total 50 Cartons of illicit liquor was recovered. Also Read – Odd-Even: CM seeks transport dept’s views on exemption to women, two wheelers, CNG vehicles Deputy Commissioner of Police (South West) Devender Arya said that Manish Yadav and Vijay used to procure illicit liquor from godowns of Bahadurgarh at cheap prices and used to supply it to bootleggers of Palam and Sagarpur at hiked rates. The team of AATS (South West) made the arrest. The teams include Sub Inspector Mahesh, Constable Ravidutt and Ct. Akash. It was constituted under Inspector Rajesh Malik and overall supervision of Satish Kumar ACP (Operations).last_img read more

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Mediterranean Days on Water Information Systems

first_imgRabat – A gathering on Water Information Systems will take place at the Faculty of Sciences of Rabat, in order to prepare for the meeting scheduled for the 20 & 21 March 2014. The meeting will focus on Water Information Systems in the Mediterranean region.Obviously, water is the most vital natural resource for our own survival, thus preserving it is crucial. Achieving this objective requires more involvement from water users and those participating in the management of water resources by raising awareness and providing information about this resource. The key is the use of, Water Information System (WIS), which allows the following: the production, the collection, the archiving, the development, and the availability of data around this natural resource.What is a WIS? What’s its composing? How can we implement it? What are the available technologies required for such a system? What are the existing experiences in this area? And what would be the opportunities and at the same time the limits of development?The answer to these questions and many more will be given and explained by the Moroccan Association of Young Geometricians (MAYG) at the gathering organized under the theme of: “Water Information Systems: Innovations, Challenges and Prospects,” on Saturday, November 7th, 2013 at the Faculty of Sciences of Rabat, starting from 9am.It should be noted that the MAYG is organizing this gathering, not only for a better exchange, but also to pave the way for the International Congress “WIS Med’s Day” (Water Information System Med Day’s) set in 2014.last_img read more

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NBA Playoffs Preview The Cavs Down Two Players Are Still Favored Against

Kevin Love’s dislocated shoulder leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers with just two of their “Big Three” for the rest of the playoffs. But the remaining “Big Two” — LeBron James and Kyrie Irving — are probably enough to outlast the Chicago Bulls. FiveThirtyEight’s forecast, which is based on Real Plus-Minus, gives the Cavs a 70 percent likelihood of moving on. The Cavs will also be without J.R. Smith — who was suspended for the first two games of this series after throwing an ill-advised elbow against the Boston Celtics.1These projections assume he plays 20 minutes per game, down from 32 minutes per game this year.The Cavaliers’ offense is spectacular; it ranked third, behind only the Clippers and Warriors, in points per 100 possessions. It is built on shooting a ton of threes — the second-most in the league, as a percentage of total shots — and highly efficient attacking drives to the hoop from James and Irving. The Cavs also excel at offensive rebounding, especially Tristan Thompson, who will play big minutes now that Love is out. Admittedly, it’s still not clear exactly how Cleveland will adjust its rotation. The Bulls are tough and will put up a fight, but the Cavs’ offensive firepower, led by James, will most likely be too much to handle.The Bulls, by contrast, win on defense. Chicago held opponents to the second-lowest shooting percentage in the league. The defense carried them through an inconsistent year from Derrick Rose, who was sidelined with sporadic injuries. Rose, however, showed flashes of brilliance in the first round. And Jimmy Butler is the Bulls’ real star — with a +3.7 Real Plus-Minus rating, he’s the second-best player in this series behind James. Rose and Butler will have to have a transcendent series against a short-handed Cleveland team for the Bulls to have a chance. read more

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Sacramento Kings Want 63YearOld George Karl As Coach Bypassing

DeMarcus Cousins deserves a young Black coach who is relatableSo, the Sacramento Kings, a team comprised mostly of young Black guys, need a new head coach and they want to hire 63-year-old George Karl, who has been coaching longer than anyone on the team has been playing.Does not seem like a mix that will bring out the best in the team, especially when there are Black young candidates who can relate to the players . . . and who deserve a shot.Karl has been a credible coach over his career, which started in 1984 and has spanned five teams. His .566 winning percentage suggests he was solid, but not an all-time great.So, why the infatuation in bringing him on board and not a talented young mind who could relate to the players and to whom the players could relate?Karl’s impending hire reeks of the stuff we thought we had passed: white owners hiring retread white coaches because they’re white.There’s nothing in what Karl has done that says he should be the choice for the Kings. His sometimes-abrasive style will go over like a Brillo pad with that young roster.The best player, center DeMarcus Cousins, wants no part of Karl and his punitive brand of coaching. In one sense, maybe someone staying on Cousins’ case would make him an even better player. The pervasive thought is that Cousins would go into a shell.Jacques Vaughn, a young Black coach, just lost his job in Orlando for reasons beyond comprehension, actually. The Magic talent level is among the lowest in the league, and yet Vaughn was held responsible for the team’s struggles?Mark Jackson, who was superb with Golden State and unjustly fired, is available. He might not want the job, but Avery Johnson is out there, too. And Mike Brown—Black coaches who have a better chance at reaching the young talent.But Sacramento’s general manager Pete D’Allesandro seems hell bent on Karl.Meanwhile, Cousins’ management team would rather see almost anyone other than Karl, who has a tumultuous past with Cousins’ representatives.George KarlCousins, the franchise player, has not expressed his position on Karl, but he has not been happy since Mark Malone was fired in December.NBCSports.com’s reports that the differences within Cousins’ camp will stop the Kings from signing Karl, if he wants the job. That Karl is in such a position 31 years after his first NBA coaching job is not quite a slap in the face of young Black coaches who deserve another shot. . . but it’s close. read more

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Theres An 85 Percent Chance The Cubs Wont Win The World Series

That means there’s still an 85 percent chance that the Cubs won’t win it all. There are plenty of difference-making free agents that could help shift the odds back toward Chicago’s rivals before opening day, and the team still plays in the NL’s toughest division (it may be comforting for Cubs fans to know that according to SRS, the NL Central is still weaker than every AL division — or it may not). But for now, the Cubs are MLB’s best team — on paper, at least. It’s been a good week for the Chicago Cubs. On Tuesday, they swooped into the bidding on coveted second baseman Ben Zobrist and inked him to a four-year, $56 million deal. Then on Friday, news came that the Cubs had also agreed to an eight-year, $184 million contract with outfielder Jason Heyward, likely the best player on the free-agent market this winter. In conjunction with Chicago’s existing stable of young talent, the additions of Heyward and Zobrist have at least one well-known algorithm projecting them to be the best team in baseball next season.It wasn’t long ago that we wrote enthusiastically about the Cubs’ chances to snap their 108-year championship drought, only to see them swept in the NLCS. We don’t (completely) want to put the stink on them again, so we’ll be brief. FanGraphs’ depth charts call for Chicago’s roster to produce a collective 52.6 wins above replacement (WAR) in 2016. After adjusting things so that all of MLB has 2,430 total wins,181 wins per team for 30 teams. that roughly works out to a true-talent projection of 99 wins for the Cubs — a ridiculously high number.What does it mean for Chicago’s chances of breaking The Curse? According to the relationship between talent forecasts and World Series odds, which FiveThirtyEight editor-in-chief Nate Silver and I researched for a trade-deadline article earlier this year, a team with 99-win talent will win a championship about 15 percent of the time: read more

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Dotting the i Dontre Wilson not 100 percent yet shining in senior

OSU senior H-back Dontre Wilson (2) makes a second half catch despite the efforts of Wisconsin outside linebacker Zack Baun (56) during the second half of the Buckeyes game against the Badgers on Oct. 15. The Buckeyes won 30-23 in overtime. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorWith under six minutes left and down 23-20 to Wisconsin, Ohio State redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett was staring down a 2nd-and-11 from OSU’s 32-yard line. When the Buckeyes need a play, it’s usually either Barrett, junior H-back Curtis Samuel or redshirt sophomore wide receiver Noah Brown who gets the ball. This time, it wasn’t any of them.Senior H-back Dontre Wilson was matched up against Wisconsin redshirt freshman linebacker Zack Baun. Barrett stood in the pocket, checking off his receivers before he saw Wilson turn a button hook into a go route down the sideline. Wilson hauled it in for 43 yards, which ultimately set up the game-tying field goal before OSU won 30-23 in overtime.After nearly giving away a muffed punt earlier in the game, Wilson recovered to give OSU a chance to win the game.When the team went into the locker room after the victory, Wilson was called upon to stand up in front of the team in recognition of his play. The message was simple. He told the team he was grateful for what had just occurred, but that game was not the goal for OSU.“It wasn’t about me at that moment. It’s a team effort,” Wilson said on Monday. “Even though I made that play, it’s still a big team effort. It wasn’t about me, it was about the team.”For Wilson, that play was as significant as any in his career in Columbus. It was even more significant given that he still has not recovered from his broken foot suffered against Michigan State during his sophomore year in 2014.Over the offseason, Wilson said he went to the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon to have a pair of cleats custom-made for him. Wilson’s cleats are wider than the team-distributed ones, and limit the pain on his foot. OSU coach Urban Meyer said during Monday’s press conference that Wilson still wasn’t quite 100 percent and often doesn’t practice early in the week. Wilson told the media he’s probably about 95 percent, but it’s certainly something he feels out on the field.“When you break a foot, it’s tough, especially a skilled athlete,” Meyer said. “I just love his unselfish approach right now, and the fact he made a play to help us go win a game. He flipped the ball to the official, went back, and almost made another great one to help us. I like where he’s at, and he’s a team player that’s doing the best he can.”For an athlete such as Wilson, a broken foot is not only a physical obstacle, but a mental barrier. Any athlete at OSU will tell you that it’s easy to get frustrated or get down on yourself, however for Wilson, it was much more than a little adversity.“When I first had my injury, I was going through a lot,” Wilson said. “I was going through some stuff with my mother and I had just had my child two days after my injury. I was going through a lot, man. I was real frustrated.” As he stood in a walking boot and crutches on the sideline watching his teammates win a national championship, Wilson said he took that as a sign from God that better days were ahead.Heading into the remaining half of his final season of college football, Wilson is enjoying his most successful season yet. He already has a career-high five total touchdowns (four receiving, one rushing), has accumulated 16 catches for 232 yards and has run the ball 12 times for 75 yards. He is on track to shatter his career mark of receptions and receiving yards in a season.What has enabled Wilson to be a high-impact player is his maturity through his injury. Barrett said he doesn’t see Wilson get frustrated any more than any other receiver. He just fits right in.“It’s almost like we overlook one or the other between Dontre and Curtis. They’re one and the same,” Barrett said. “They’re both dynamic players that do a lot for our offense that create mismatches with linebacker and get up on the safeties and make guys miss all over the field.”Saturday’s game against Penn State will be another difficult test for the Buckeyes, given an environment that Wilson said is the most impressive he has seen as a player. Lingering foot injury, or no injury, Wilson is doing what he can to make the most of his senior season.“I always tell myself I’m going to take it week by week and day by day,” he said. “(I’m) using all of the resources I can for the final games and final months here.” read more

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